About Lise Meijer.

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 Lise Meijer is a Danish artist. She believes that Creative Vitamins has an important part to play in this world and she contributes through art, teaching and  writing. Lise is inspired by simple truths; “things that lift human beings to more than we thought we could be.”  Her art style is Mixed media – a mix of different materials; acrylic paint, paper, lace, buttons and joy on canvas.

 Lise lives in Denmark in a small village project. She is married to her caring and supportive dutch husband, Jeroen, with their two children, Celeste (12) and Vincent (9).  Early on Lise knew that she had a creative gift; however, she had to realize that to have a gift is one thing. To DO something with it is another. Even though she has been a creative force since childhood, she has only created pieces for sale since the beginning of 2011.

In that short amount of time, Lise has been very productive, creating over 100 paintings and has been featured in 20 + exhibitions. She has also created her own series of cards, posters and other products, now carried by a number of shops in Denmark and Holland. Her art has been published in several magazines and blogs.

When asked about what she is proud of, she mentions, “I am proud of listening carefully to my inner compass, and of dedicating myself to learn the DOING part, which was earlier so hard for me. By daring to commit, I gave my creative passion in life not only a chance, but a real vitamin-boost!

But more than anything I am proud of honouring the calling I had inside: Creating art that speaks of joy and faith in the goodness of humanity.

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7 thoughts on “About

  1. I’m happy to say I’ve known you for many years, and have watched you grow in confidence and drive. You are truly an inspiration to me, and I continue to admire your beautiful works of art, and especially their inner messages. And you are right – the people of this world can benefit from your creative vitamins!

    with warm greetings to your and your lovely family,

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