WHERE THE SOUL IS LISTENING – invitation to exhibition opening

Talking with trees

Dear YOU!

It is a very special and great pleasure to invite you to the opening of my new exhibition WHERE THE SOUL LISTENS in the beautiful and tranquil Orangery at Gisselfeld monastery, a small hours drive from Copenhagen.

The opening will be from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm on sunday, August 7th

At. 11:00, the people who runs the place, Stig Lauritsen – known from the “Have haves”, a garden programme at TV2 – and landscape architect Greg Kobett, will invite you for a glass of wine. And I will invite you to listen in to a small story about my art as well as a few songs.


Important note: if you print this text you will get free entrance to the garden on the opening day – otherwise it is 50 DKK pr. person, so please print and bring this text as your free ticket.



Throughout the exhibition period, you can, in addition to original art, also purchase prints and cards.

And I would love to see you and yours at the opening!

Love from Lise.

Almost like a small shop!

FullSizeRender_3 I know that you may not live in Denmark. And if you do, you may not live anywhere near Møn, a small cosy island loved by artists for it´s light and beauty. But if you do, or if you happen to be on holiday nearby, you are hereby WARMLY INVITED to the gallery opening coming sunday, 1rst of may in Galleri Pakhuset, Klintholm havn, Møn.

I quite enjoy how it is almost like creating a small shop in my corner of the charming old building with original paintings and special products.

26 artists will be exhibiting on the two gallery floors in. Lots of crafts and art and good atmosphere.

Oh, and there will be wine, possibly hot pizza slices & live music. And YOU are so welcome – as well as your neighbor, children or anyone interested you meet on your way. Make sure to come and say hello; I´m on the top floor, first booth to the right when you come up the stairs. I´d love to meet you!

Pssst: I always have some good offers on products on a day like that!

See you Sunday, may 1rst, between 1 & 4 PM in Galleri Pakhuset, Klintholm Havn on Møn. See more about this and upcoming exhibitions HERE.

Or check out the gallery page on FB

See you there!

Love from Lise.

North Modern trade show – a vision manifested


I had a vision: Go to a Business trade show aimed at selling to other businesses. Above you can see that vision come true. Looks easy, right?


I knew going to a trade show was a step up for me. I knew that presenting my business professionally to other businesses was a big leap. And I knew it would be hard work. But, as many of the things I have done that has caused growth, I had no Idea just how big a leap this was. How much hard work.

(Building up the booth – together with Rune + a very decorating-skilled friend, also called Lise 🙂

I also didn´t know that it is considered normal that this big financial investment doesn´t come back as income straight away. Wow! That takes a lot of vision power and a long view.

After the 3 days at the trade show – talking to customers, waiting for customers, trying to remember not to be pushy or needy but just be in service, I was so, so done. I felt like a baby needing to be fed and pampered and napping. And over again. And again. And again.


(In less than 2 weeks I managed to create some marketing material, including this pull up banner and the big 4 x 2,5 meter wall print. With great and prompt help from a handful skilled people I trust. Busy times!)

No spark, inspiration or success feeling was left in me. Just done, used up. Worn. I knew it was temporary. I also knew that I had to deal with it.

So that is what I did. For almost 2 whole days I did nothing except taking care of myself. Sleeping. Going for walks. Reading and taking long baths. Letting my family know I would be back but needed some recovery space.

And slowly my well being returned. And with that my inspiration. And guess what? One of my first inspired thoughts was: What if I could manage to go to that other trade show next month, now that I have all the gear prepared? The one I heard would most likely be a much better match for me and my products, hmmm…..



Well, I haven´t decided on that yet. But I am so thankful that I can feel my inspiration again and that visions are landing in my nest. We all need that to feel hope and possibility about our life. But we simply can´t attract any of those things if we are too stressed out. There is nothing wrong with us. None of us. But we all need a basis of pampering on a daily basis. And when we go off balance, our bodies will let us know.

That´s when we need to pay attention. Big time. Because we are so much more fragile than we often imagine, and when we own that fragility, we are so, so strong.

Thank you for hearing this little tale.

Wishing you lots of well being side by side with whatever work you have undertaken. Big or small, I truly believe it all counts in ways we can´t always understand.

And cheers! Not only on the successes you can count. But cheers for trying, and for every time you dare invite inspiration and vision into you life.
And for courage to try again.



You can be that listening ear you need so much!

"The music between us" - mixed media on canvas, 13 x 18 cm SOLD

“The music between us” – mixed media on canvas, 13 x 18 cm SOLD

(New art – part of a series of mini-paintings for my exhibition in Pakhuset– sold)

You are a life-musician. Yes, you are!

You create music in the way you interact with others. Your life-music is moving energy that vibrates in space. That music can move, give courage or heal.

In musical ensembles, one of the most important things to master is the art of listening attentively, while at the same time contributing with your own sound. To give and take your space simultaneously, like in a dance.

Many people’s greatest wish today is to be heard. And often there is a lack of attentive listening. But for every voice that needs to be heard there must be an attentive and courageous listening ear.

You can be that listening ear in the world. And contribute to a more harmonious world-melody with your ability to be part of an ensemble. Watch and give time. Listen to the spaces in-between. Maybe you need to wait with speaking? Or perhaps it’s time to talk firm and loud? Give space and notice the spaces. And then contribute with something you truly feel is needed. And feel how the music evolves.

You can start with listening to yourself and then move on to extend this service to someone you meet.

With your listening attention, you can help someone else to also watch and listen. It´s attractive and contagious!

Big love from Lise.

PS: I hear you!

Poster Party Buy 1 get 1 today and tomorrow!

It´s time to celebrate! Many of you have been supporting my webshop by buying Calendars (almost sold out!), cards and signed posters and it´s blooming in there. I decided to celebrate with a POSTER-PARTY: Buy one get 1 of any of my 4 BIG 50 x 70 posters!!! Yes, truly. Only today and tomorrow!

Skema Plakat 50 x 70

Here´s how it works: You order one of the BIG posters in the shop (or 2, 3, 4… and I will double the amount!!!) When paying you write in notes which one you would like in addition (can also be the same one(s)). Use this chance if you want, and THANK YOU!!! To buy go HERE!

The posters look amazing put in a frame, a real vitamin-boost of color and soul-frequency to your walls!


Also, I had my first ever stand at a small Christmas-market this weekend. I have sort of been avoiding markets the last years, thinking it was too much work for just a couple of days. And it was a LOT of work! (Like moving in with an entire small shop for just 2 days and then packing it all up again). But it was also heartwarming, fun and rewarding in so many ways. I will never again underestimate the impact of actually meeting customers face to face. Or have people come up to me who knew my products but never saw the face behind them. 


And, I got to have collegues for 2 days, picking up coffee for each other, helping out with small practical details and so on. I am not going to promise anything, but I am thinking I will do this again. Perhaps even go to another part of the country, could be fun!

Upcoming exhibition and workshops!

(New work)

Coming sunday the 7th october from 3 -5 pm is the opening of my exhibition on Bakkegaard, Møn, Denmark.

If you are in the neighbourhood you are WARMLY INVITED. I would looove to see you there, truly! Come drink and snack and watch and chat!

That day only there will be 50 % off all Lise Meijer cards and posters, including some very cute new ones. Small, french vintage-inspired cards. And, of course the big and glossy ones and the signed posters.

(French vintage-inspired card: “Slow down – let passion find you”)


During the autumn holiday in week 42 there are “french tea-room” at Bakkegaard every day from 2 – 5 pm

On saturday the 20th oct. I will be doing two workshops in the exhibition-room:

1 pm TODDLER SINGING CLASS (RYTMIK), 2 – 5 years, price: 40 DKK

3  – 5 pm: CREATIVE MIXED MEDIA WORKSHOP involving patterned paper, buttons, canvas and other fun materials. Price 75 DKK. All ages from 7 and up welcome!

Please make sure to reserve your spot at your chosen workshop beforehand, simply call Vivi and Uffe on Bakkegaard: 55 81 93 01

(French vintage-inspired card “Coffee and flowers are also important”)

Exhibition 7th oct. – 16th dec. 2012: Bakkegård gæstgiveri Busenevej 64, Busene DK-4791 Borre, Denmark.

Bakkegård homepage: http://www.bakkegaarden64.dk/

Wool design, coffee, and a sweet match

I love how my latest exhibition in at “Emely and Elliot” in Næstved (Denmark) turned out. I really think the owners did a wonderful job at fitting the paintings into their delicious shop and café. They never had exhibitions before, here is how this one happened:

Above: bird-painting/ birdcage match!

I can thank Stinne Gorell who makes the most wonderful and cool design with pure wool for this sweet match.  She called me one day from shop where they are selling her design, saying she had found just the venue for me to exhibit and sell paintings. Also, she had already shown the owners images of the paintings and they were keen to see more. What a match, Stinne really has an eye for that!

So an exhibition was planned, and is now up. Some of these images, like the two above, was actually created inspired by the french vintage style that I love so much about this café. You see part of the café life outside too, wonderful little corner of Næstved is this.

Above: bigger paintings and goodies on the shelf

“Old friends” found a nice spot

For some reason this little exhibition makes me very happy. I think it is many things: The way it happened shows once again that no one can do it alone, we all need to give and recieve help. And that way we can all be more.

Happy also because I flair with beautyful surroundings and things, it matters to me big time. And this café is seriously a favourite place….they even serve soya latte!

And happy because I remember being a little discouraged the day Stinne called. That call that day was the small but important hint telling me to keep up the work and spirit….and some days I really need that. I guess we all do.

And that to me is the beauty: We can´t exactly plan how help and openings will come our way. But we can do our part of the work , and for the rest stay open for oppurtunities. And when they come, we can say thank you and go with them.

Thank you life.

New paintings and upcoming exhibition!

"Time to nurture /Tid til at nære" Acrylic and paper on canvas, 24 x 30 cm

Lately birds have been appearing in my paintings. I guess spring-time has it´s influence, there is so much joy in hearing the birds sing stronger every day, and seing their busy signs of creation starting all over right now.

"Quiet now/ Stille nu" Acrylic and paper on canvas, 30 x 40 cm

The text in the above painting reads:

“Quiet now, allow the pieces of life to settle in their own way and time. Even a shaken world can be transformed to a wonderful mosaic – with time.”

"Listen/ Lyt " Acrylic and paper on canvas, 18 x 24 cm

These paintings are now for sale. They are all quite small. Bigger ones in process. Just drop me a line and if you are interested, and I will send you a price-list. 

You can leave a note below or e-mail me on: papirsklip@gmail.com.

I also want to invite you to become my friend on facebook, I would love to connect and exchange inspiration. You can find my profile right here, just send a friend request. Often this is where I show latest paintings or art in process.

Upcoming Exhibiton:

During this summer I will be part of an exhibition in Galleri Pakhuset, Klintholm havn. It is a charming old building in 3 stores with more than 20 artists and hand crafters showing their work!

Opening day is sunday the 29th april at 13:00. 

If you live in Denmark near Møn, I would love it if you would come by to say hello!

The butterfly from Majbritte Ulrikkeholm!

(Recently finished painting: “Walking with care”)

The danish author, singer and songwriter Majbritte Ulrikkeholm recently posted a beautyful, soulwarming story about the butterfly and the creative process. Her writing has inspired me so much over the years, this was no exeption. I actually had tears in my eyes when reading it, because, well, she totally gets the fragile moment in any artists life, AND, she can explain it so poetic. She agreed I could share part of it with you here. Read it, it holds a good surprise:

“The creative process can be compared with the butterfly process from egg to caterpillar to full grown butterfly. And we can really learn from the butterfly….

…The butterfly starts as a tiny egg that later develops into a caterpillar, whose primary task is to munch as much food as it possibly can. When the caterpillar is filled up, it spins its cocoon from its own silk threads, and inside that cocoon it develops into a butterfly. At the time when the butterfly is ready, it breaks through its cocoon.

BUT what many don´t know – because this in itself is already such a pretty picture – is that the butterfly actually can´t fly when it emerges from the cocoon. As beautiful as it is, as grown and expanded as it is, there exists a moment in the butterfly´s life when it is fully grown, bursted through its cocoon, but it still cannot fly. Beautiful and fragile it lies on the ground and pumps body fluid into its wings. And this is the most vulnerable moment in the butterfly’s life, and here it is an easy prey for larger animals that can attack the defenseless beautiful insect in many colors, which calls for attention.

But if the butterfly survives this moment, it becomes a flyer. It rises high above it´s attackers and brings joy to people’s lives. For there is probably no human who doesn´t rejoice and feel an opening in the heart at the sight of theese light beings that remind us that everything one day will rise above limitations and fears -transformed from sheltered caterpillar to beautiful mature butterfly.”

(Majbritte Ulrikkeholm)

You can find her full Butterfly story here (english speaking? Throw it in google translate, it´s worth it!)



Oh, and if you live nearby here in Denmark, I am represented with around 10 paintings in an exhibition starting saturday 17th march in Galleri Warrer in Møn, read more here. Perhaps I´ll see you there saturday, I would really love that!

Opening night

Here´s a few shots from the opening night of my exhibition in Havdrup last week.  It was such a heart-warming experience. Kind people, wonderful dialogs, and a soft, intimate feeling. I truly enjoyed it. And the fact that my husband was able to be there (and that some great people took care of the children!) made it even more special. He is the photographer, so no shots of him this time.

Row of  30 x 40 cm paintings

Chatting with people, it´s me in the dress

I had produced lots of cards and posters to sell too, and as you can see they were displayed on all the tables, great idea by the way. A clever lady suggested that they were on every table rather than in a basket, half hidden. That way, peoople could sit with the cards in hand, either planning to buy or just looking at the close up pictures of the paintings.

Always fun to see the paintings in a new “home”

Theese two was painted in the Do What You Love– retreat in may, in class with Flora Bowley

Peter (organ-player, now at the piano) and I sang 6 songs, collected for their soul-warming ability.

….and I told a bit about the painting process.

And then the wine, the chats and the softness of being amongst friendly, supporting people.

I drove home completely filled with gratitude. For life. For the sheer joy of doing much more of what I love to do this last year. For all the support I have felt since I started painting again, last february. It feels like such a long time ago. Now I can´t imagine that for years and years I lived without taking the time and effort to express myself through painting on canvas. I can´t believe it took me so long to have my first solo exhibition.

But somehow time doesn´t seem to matter, whenever there is true passion involved. Life don´t punish us for not doing what we love. It doesn´t take the passion or talents or gifts away from us. Instead it  instantly supports us when we do use them. We may neglect them, but they are still there, waiting.  And it doesn´t matter at what point in life we are, when we take up our passion. Just the fact of doing what you love to do whenever you can, is what seems to matter.

And I am so grateful for having found a way to do more and more of what I love to do, and drive to share it, and sell it!  And for having a husband that supports me in doing that. And for friends that understand this journey, and who are also finding space for passion in their lives, following their dreams and finding the integrity in that.