New art – Catching dreams

Some of you have been asking me how to know when I have new art available. So I decided to run a series here on the blog called “New art” – and will post whenever I have new art to share. I might share some of the process/thoughts too….

Catching dreams

“Catching dreams”, paper and acrylics on deep edge canvas, 60 x 60 cm/23,6 x 23,6 in – available for purchase: 3900 kr./725 $. Contact me at for more info NB: NOW SOLD!

I love the idea (and feel the truth of it too) that dreams are available as quiet whispers and silent inspiration everywhere. We humans can turn those dreams into reality by creating a net consisting of openness and daily work in the direction of our joy and passion. A net where dreams can land and bear fruit. Helped by us humans here on Earth, crystallizing light and goodness into something that stays and may lift more spirits and inspire more souls to do more of the stuff that matters whilst we are here. 

Thank you for being here, would love it if you take the time to say hello here in comments, or let´s meet on facebook if you like!

PS: and yes, I used gold-paint in this one, shiny and visible!


About where the inspiration is coming from!

Lately some of you have been asking me where I get the inspiration for my paintings from. Of course there are many answers to that question; inspiration is a living thing, constantly moving. Often the lessons in life is turned into inspiration, and the hardest learned can be the biggest source of creativity, once we step into transforming action. I know that to be true.

26.“Every Body needs water/Alle har brug for vand” mixed media on canvas, 24 x 30 cm – 2.100 kr.

26. “Every Body needs water/Alle har brug for vand” mixed media on canvas, 24 x 30 cm – 2.100 kr.

There is however a story that I treasure very much, to do with how it all began, just 3 years ago or less. If you like, you can read it HERE, including a song I wrote to a very special lady! (Yes, involving me in a youtube clip, guitar and all!!!)

And then that special lady, Kelly Rae Roberts, shared the song on her blog. Accompanied by the kindest words, which she is so good at. I am still moved by her words (and her blog in generel) – HERE is her post with the song in it!

I am inspired by many people, and Kelly Rae has definitely been a big source of inspiration. For me, AND for thousands of other people. Had I known back then how many people she reaches with her blog and books and courses and art, I probably wouldn´t have allowwed myself to write the song. Or sent it to her. I am so happy I did send it!!! After all, we are all just humans, trying our best with what we have got, and you never know who your song or painting or kind words is meant to touch or inspire.  So, I learned along the way to just simply let it out, and let life (or God, The universe, the Angels or whatever you choose to call it) take care of the rest.

PS: for those of you who are more interested in the MAKING of paintings than in the inspiration behind, click your way through my Tuturials pages where I share the step by step in Paintings in process. Like this ONE.

With love, Lise.

Lake of dreams, new paintings and dwellings

I have been painting BIG! A friend suggested I would give myself that challenge in 2013, and I thought that would be a wonderful opportunity to allow myself to play and make a mess!!! And that´s what I did. And then I worked on with the mess. And tidied it up into 3 landscape paintings. And I loved the process. Learned a lot too.

Here is the first  one:

Lake of dreams

 “Lake of dreams” , 70 x 140 cm. Acrylic on canvas.

Sometimes we need the place and space to cocoon away for our dreams to gain their full strength and become ready to work their wonders….

The space between us

“The space between us”, mixed media on canvas, 50 x 150 cm

The second painting is inspired by the title from the CD by Lars Muhl and Githa Ben David, “To heal the space between us”. Beautiful title, right? And so is the CD, I especially love this song. The painting is about the space between two beings that are connected. If the magic of that connection happens in the space between them (and it does!), then that space is a very important place. To be filled with care and awareness and beauty.  Kept fresh so that it may be a refreshing space.

Bridge of hope

“Bridge of hope”, mixed media on canvas, 70 x 140 cm

The third painting is called Bridge of hope. After posting it on facebook, a friend in turn posted the most beautiful poem by David Harris with almost the exact same title. I had never heard it before, but instantly loved it. And it beautifully carries the frequency I was contemplating whilst making this painting:

Beyond the bridge of hope
lies the land of charity
and with a little faith
one day I may get there.
Where everything is equal
and shared equally the same.
Faith leads as we venture
on across the bridge of hope
and into the arms of charity.
Each day we may struggle
to keep our lives afloat
as we venture closer
to the bridge of hope.

~David Harris~

Thank you for being there, witnessing and interacting in all your wonderful ways. I love that we are not on a journey alone, but very much together.

With love, Lise.

PS: The paintings are ready to find a new place to nest. Contact me for any purchase requests! You´ll find prices and more info HERE, thank you.

Imagine – painting process


First I created the background, using different patterned papers, gluing it directly on the white canvas with golden medium glue.


Adding loose layers of acrylic paint, then sketching and painting an image. And adding more paper. 


Wonderful painting mess….


Here I used some of my Molotow pens to draw coloured lines of detail.


I often create 2 – 3 paintings at a time. For many reasons: One can dry when I work on another; it takes the pressure off having to create one perfect piece and I love how they almost speak together during the process. Also, it´s much faster to paint that way, and I love the feeling of getting a lot done!

Lise hænger maleri op

Trying it on the wall many times during the process


Finished piece, “Imagine”. Text reads: “Imagine that you woke up one day to discover a flower much greater than you ever expected growing out of your own pot.” Prints available here. I´m thinking this one would love to appear as part of the postcard series very soon, it seems to be destined for that.

If you are interested in buying originals, contact me and I´ll send you a list of the ones currently for sale.


The inspiration to this painting came spontaneously during  a “Creative quickie”, which is something I love to do as a quick and easy way of getting the creative juices flowing.


Footprints…and wanting the wisdom of an old woman NOW!

I have been feeling strangely quiet and filled with worries lately. And at the same time enjoying to the fullest that spring is finally here and the snow is gone. I feel like I am in such an important period of my life. Business-wise, but also personally. A feeling of “make or break”. And a deep certainty that there is so much I can do, if only I can do it, if you know what I mean? And that sometimes even though I do my best I may be blind to what is wise.  Wanting to gain that wisdom and use it NOW, but knowing that is not the deal.

Moving balance

(Moving balance. Painting for sale by request, prints available here)

The deal here is to walk even though we can´t see the whole way ahead. To dare. To be and do. Most days, I stuggle with the doing part of life. I knock on doors. Get inspired or worn out. I waste my time and know it. And pull myself together and on track again. Then I gently knock on more doors and they may not seem to open. I forget about it and then, whilst resting or drinking tea the telephone rings with that call I expected and wanted so badly. Only, the call came from a different person/ place than I thought it would.

Here is a small tale about loving the overview-part and yet knowing that it takes getting up for action to create things:


I am sitting at the edge of a lake. A deep, deep lake. Waiting. The mirror in the lake is whispering: “Stay here forever, look how beautiful it is here. I show you all your possibilities, and here you don´t have to do, just dream.” And I so wish I could stay. But I know that everything I see as tempting and enticing here is merely a reflection of the reality that awaits me. A kind of pause, a glance at life that holds it all. A beautiful picture I am allowed to enjoy for a while, so that I may feel strengthened to trust the journey that awaits.  A calm overview.


(Painting in process, a BIG one!)

But now it’s time to get up and go. Into the forrest of reality and action. Inside that forrest I can´t always see the whole context. I get blisters on my feet and loose my breath. I worry about supplies and shelter. But I walk. I move. Set my footprints on the gound. And learn again and again that only with the heart’s compass can I find the right path. And do what I’m here to do: To create and become a living expression of those very images I saw in the beautiful reflection in the lake whilst I was waiting.


(My husband came to me one late evening when I was painting, claiming that he read “The artists way” (By Julia Cameron)…and that it clearly prescribes drinking redwine together with painting after 11pm. I didn´t disagree!)

Springlight Lise

(Me, in the doorway to spring, trying to balance it all and keep going with the seasons. Some days it simply helps to wear a beautyful skirt and my favourite shoes! Celeste, 10 yrs, took this photo)

Nourish your seeds… painting process

I would love to share the making of one recent “mixed media” painting with you:

1 paper

First, glue different papers to the white canvas with Golden medium glue. I use the medium gel or soft gel, and choose semi gloss or gloss. Inspiration at this stage was very basic: a color scheme involving the yellowish papers. No big ideas yet.

2 Beginnings

After gluing, lightly go over the dry papers with some acrylic color on a sponge,  “binding” the whole look a bit. I use golden fluid acrylics for that.

Then add more paper details…..

And begin sketching! For drawing the tree/ground I used Litho crayon, a black oily crayon. It can be wiped away until dry in about a day or so. At this stage my inspiration has boarded the project, I have a plan, a vision is emerging…..

8 working with a sketch

I often use notes/ journal sketches while painting, helps me keep the overall focus when I´m lost in detail.

5 more details


Adding more details, using molotow pens to draw dots and finer lines.

7 Nourish your seeds

And finally, adding words. And it´s done:

“Nourish your seeds”

3 On the table

Somehow our move delayed a real good painting session forever. (House full of boxes, unsorted things, ill children and adults and ill children again…and again!!!). And of course I got frustrated and even scared if I would ever be able to paint again. But that´s part of the whole process, I guess any artist knows that feeling?  When it comes, I know it´s not permanent, and never will be as long as I am alive. I wrote a post here about getting started when you really don´t feel like it. And the satisfaction when we push through that fear and become humble enough to simply try again is worth it all.

Hope you enjoyed!

Small morning chat with myself….or how to convince a cow to paint!

This morning the house was finally emptied of sick children and other obstacles. Everything was ready for a wonderful and long-awaited painting session. Coffee poured, the stove roared nicely. Painting day, finally!


 (Creative quickie page, inspired by the wonderful line from a Leonard Cohen song: “There is a crack in everything – that´s how the light gets in”)

I had waited and sighed soooo long for this day to come! And then:

– Ready to GO!!?


-What? Oh no, honestly, you have longed so much for this moment and now it is here!


-Why not?

-I am afraid! (maybe she’ll feel sorry for me ….)

-What are you afraid of?

-(Oh no, she´s in question-mood, better come up with a real good reason, ahem…):I am afraid….I have ….forgotten…. HOW TO PAINT! (HA!)

 -Forgotten how to paint? You can´t forget how to paint, you just paint….even dots are good for starters.


-Well, actually I am afraid that I CAN paint, what if  I am a brilliant genious, I am not up to a commitment like that … I am sure it will be really really hard with all the overwhelming success and fame and too many requests for me to handle!!! (Surely she wil buy this one, I know she loves to have big thoughts about herself, hahaaa!)

-Are you afraid of that? Is that the REAL reason you don´t want to paint?

-All right no, not really…….. it is simply because I CAN´T BE BOTHERED!

-You can´t be bothered?


-Well, you know, that’s alright.

(What, she said it´s ALL RIGHT! Now we´ll take the day off and watch a good movie in bed, yeeaaaah, ta-ta-ta-daaa-di- dum-di -dum-da…)

-Listen, here´s what we´ll do:

-(Movie, movie, mooooviiie!!!)

1. First we dance 10 minutes to beautiful music, just move for a little while as you like, neither more nor less, are you ok with that?


Flying vision

(“Joy in the air”, original available, just e-mail me)

2. Then, we fill the palette with colors and made the table ready, all right?

-Yeah, I guess


3. Last, we´ll take a canvas and play around with papers and colors, no intentions of making art, just having fun, ok?

-Well, if it´s only for fun….


4 hours later:

Wonderful creative mess in my studio yeaaaah!!!


And now it´s time for a good movie…and a glass of red wine….

Be gentle

(“Be gentle”, print available here)

….or maybe I will just continue painting…or do them all at the same time; paint, wine and movie!

So, there you have it, now you know what goes on in my head on a completely normal thursday!