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August 7 – September 25, 2016:

Paradehuset – orangeriet på Gisselfeld klosterGardeners joy



The exhibition opens the 7th of August at 11 AM where the skilled gardeners of the place serve a drink whilst I tell a bit about my art and process and sing a few songs.The opening event requires a special invitation, which you can find HERE.

The exhibition runs until Sept 25th

May – September 2016, Galleri Pakhuset, Møn

Collective Exhibiton with over 20 artists andFullSizeRender_3

crafters in Klintholm Havn, Møn, Denmark. Pakhuset has 2 floors filled with art. My paintings and lots of products can be found on the top floor.

Opening hours: may and june:  friday, saturday and sunday 12 – 17/ july and august:  every day 12 – 17





April 2016, Helsingør kommunes kunstfond

Januar 2016, Hørsholm kommunes kunstfond


May – September 2015, Galleri Pakhuset, Møn

25th april – 4th oct. 2015: Nina´s Naturcafé, Allerød

March – dec 2015: Galleri Warrer, Møn.


Gisselfeld Juletorv,  21, 22, 23 and 28, 29, 30th nov. – see more here

Kronborg julemarked, only the weekend 6th and 7th dec., check it out right here!

1. st october – 27th nov. 2014: Solrød Library

15th March – dec 2014: Galleri Warrer, Møn.

May – September 2014, Galleri Pakhuset


Nov – dec: Møns bank i Stege

Sept – nov:  Teknik og Miljø, Vordingborg kommune

May – Sept: Galleri Pakhuset

March – june: Galleri Warrer, Møn.

January 22 – March 22: Sankt Jørgens kirke, Næstved


 oct. –  dec. 2012:  Gallery Bakkegård gæstgiveri, Møn

July – october: Emely & Elliot/ Coffee by Elvis

May – september: Galleri Pakhuset Klintholm Havn, Møn

March – May: Galleri Warrer, Møn


November – december: Adventskirken, Vanløse

October: Café Einstein, Vordingborg

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